About Us

Sweets are the sweetest way to meet and greet people. In India, sweets have deep-rooted social, traditional & spiritual relevance. Sweets or 'Mithai' undoubtedly convey the message of happiness, goodwill, celebration, affection, attention & attachment. We, the Indians believe in sharing the joy of life & celebration of life. And what are celebrations without sweets!

RASBAHAR is the one stop destination that houses a huge variety of delectable sweets, chaat and snacks with flavors picked from all across India. Whether you have a sweet tooth or you are the one that likes spicy flavors... RASBAHAR is the place for you. It is located in the heart of the city with humble beginning. It is founded by experienced hands who are delighting taste buds for more than six decades. Our motto is spreading sweetness around with a promise of good taste.

Uncompromising quality, variety, novelty, taste & prompt service are some of the salient features of Rasbahar. Strict checking is done at every step in the process of production to ensure that the desired quality is achieved. By using innovative methods, high quality ingredients and with the support of highly qualified and trained workforce, we stringently implement international quality norms with comprehensive testing mechanisms while producing sweets and other delicacies to match with the taste & flavor of different occasions.

Every piece of sweet from Rasbahar reflects our passion & commitment to put together ingredients as pure as your joy and, of course, to make your moments of happiness linger on forever…